Wednesday, February 2, 2011

 The FBI is hiring. The interview is presented three guys. The interview takes place in the FBI's office. Between the first - say John. FBI chief gives him a gun and says:
- In the office next door is your wife. Go in and shoot it.
- I do not think, say and go type.
Enter the second candidate - Jim. History repeats itself: the head of the FBI gives him a gun and invites him to shoot his wife. After 10 minutes, the guy decides that his wife is more important than your job and go to the FBI.
Get the latest - Tom. It takes the gun and agrees to shoot his wife. Enter the office and head of the FBI heard six shots, bangs and yelling. Tom goes out after a while, full of blood and says:
- Do not know what idiot put blanks in the gun ... I had to kill the seat.

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