Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Autumn, the first day of school, the teacher asks the children where and how they spent the holidays ... Costin was the sea with my father, he learned to swim, Monica was in the mountains with his mother and a friend were hiking. Bubble And the grandmother was in the country. Very excited, began to tell:
- My grandmother has chickens, ducks and two cows: one red and one white. And you know ... Comrade teacher ... One day came the bull *** t af common red cow.
- Alas, bubble, how can you talk so badly, go out and break to come to my office.
Very angry, break, teacher and tells you argue:
- I know you're an emancipated child, but do not speak that way in front of children. Should you say that he made a surprise and I understand.
- Welcome, fellow teacher, I'm sorry, I'll be careful before.
In the autumn following the first day of school, the teacher asks again how children spent their holidays. Costel, this time I was in the mountains, sea Monica, the grandmother and Bubble all.
- Besides the animals that they had rabbits grandmother has now. And you know, fellow teacher, came again common bull and cow red made a surprise ... af *** to the white cow.

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