Wednesday, February 2, 2011

 Two cops patrolling the district engineer Ionescu. Lord comes in municipal engineer at midnight. A cop says:
- Ghita, look a spy!
- No, boys, it's a 'the punk'!
- Yes, it's spyware! I'm going to ask for papers.
He goes to dl.inginer body:
- Your documents, please!
- What documents, sir, I went to punk '!
- You're a spy! Go to the station.
- Sir, I am engineer Ionescu stand wing, Block this to apartamentu '8.
- Ghita, go to the pool and check!
Ghita goes and comes running back:
- There lives no ap.8 Ionescu Eng.
They go to the station, Mr. engineer still makes noise that is the ap 8. I also sent the boss again Ghita ascertaining the association to the same result: no ap.8 Ionescu Eng. The next morning, there is police chief of scale with neighboring Ionescu Eng. Hears the story and relieves the engineer. Engineer direct the association going mad. Administratoru 'do not let him open his mouth:
- Mr 'Ionescu problems. Police seek two times, yes I told them do not stay her

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