Sunday, February 13, 2011

I heard your mother tried out for the part of Chewbaka in Star Wars but the suit was too small.
Did you get a free flea dip with that haircut?
The only reason you joined the Navy was to meet all the men your mother has been with and hopefully find your father.
Your suit is a perfect killer kills me just to look at it.
Your hair is so nappy, I've never seen better hair in the shower drain.
Your girlfriend is so fat that if she had to haul her ass she'd need to take two trips.
If you put your brain in an ant's asshole it would rattle around like a bee-bee in a silo.
I used to have an outfit like that and then my dad got a job.
You're so stupid that when you took the ISTEP test even the computers laughed at your score.
You're so ugly that not even the ugly stick will beat on you.

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