Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A police officer made his rounds. At one point in a luxury restaurant at a table one sees businessmen just out of prison, which he knew Breaz horse and goes to take questions. Businessmen says:
- Dom 'military ... cop, ready, no problems with me, I made an honest man!
- An honest man? And what do you do?
- Well, earning money from betting.
- How the betting, the policeman asks.
- Well, look: I do bet you $ 200 that my eggs are square. The policeman thinks a little and accept. And to see who wins the bet, put his hand into panties businessmen to see if it has square eggs. And, of course, businessmen eggs were normal.
- I won, "said the policeman.
- Well, do businessmen, here $ 200.
- Well, let me now and me to understand. How you live in these bets. Look, you lost $ 200.
- You see that lady on the corner of the room, that smile, ask businessmen.
- Yes, makes the policeman.
- Well, I made her bet $ 2,000 that I feel you come to c *** e

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