Wednesday, February 2, 2011

 To raise the level of police training, police make a sex education course. There, in addition to making contact with the teaching material, the design is and how children, pregnant women with pregnancy, child birth. Alexandrescu policeman was told that pregnancy lasts nine months and then nine months babies are born. Then, however, puzzled that he was born in June, and his brother just in December, leaving the mission in an intersection. A car speeding excessively low, embarrassed the movement. Alexandrescu whistle and stop the car.
- Săru'mîna, Alexandrescu, acts to control.
Drivers, a pregnant lady, it covers acts.
- You drive defective? Why go so slow?
- No, sir, go and prudent, not see, are in the month of July!
Alexandrescu answer for sure, but mad:
- Madam, making fun of the Romanian Police? What do you not know that we are in May, the month of May? Take your pay a fine ...

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